Protein packed breakfasts low in sugar are a healthy way to start the day. This simple recipe will provide you with several servings of vegetables and keep you fueled until lunchtime.



6 – Egg Whites
1/2 c. – Spinach
1/2 c. – Kale
1/4 – Onion Diced
1/4 – Green Pepper Diced
2 – Mushrooms Sliced
1 Tsp. – Black Pepper
1 Tsp. – Tumeric Powder
1 Tsp. – Oregano

Toppings (Optional)

1/4 – Avocado
1 Tbsp. – Goat Cheese Crumbles


  1. Begin to heat 2 pans on the stove. One for steaming the vegetables and the other for placing the eggs.
  2. Crack all the eggs and remove the yolks. Pour egg whites in a large pan cooking on low heat.
  3. Place the vegetables in a pan on high heat with some water and cover with a lid to steam.
  4. When the vegetables are steamed place them on the slightly cooked egg white base.
  5. Using a spatula fold half of the egg whites up and over the vegetables.
  6. Also to cook fully then serve on a plate and add toppings as desired and enjoy this savory power breakfast.



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