I love Mediterranean food and nothing will ever be the same as fried falafel. But these are a bad option for a vegetarian meal. Chickpeas are quite tasty and this recipe uses very few ingredients.


1 – 15 oz. Can of Chickpeas Drained
1/2 c. – Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
3 c.  – Collard Greens
3 Cloves – Whole Garlic
1 tsp. – Salt
1 tsp. – Garlic and Onion Seasoning


  1. Heat and grease a pan on the stove to medium high.
  2. Gather all your ingredients and place them in a blender or food processor. Add a slight bit of water if needed based on how well the mixture blends with your blender speed and strength.
  3. Scoop small patties of the dough onto the pan and flatten slightly. Sprinkle with olive oil to get a bit of sizzle and brown the sides. Let cook for 3-5 min on this side.
  4. Flip over and repeat. Once your patties appear to be browning and firmer than before remove them from the pan.
  5. Repeat the process if you still have more dough.
  6. Enjoy your healthy falafels with your favorite sauces – tahini, hummus, tzatziki.



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